Inspired by @kate81
  1. Iced sweet tea
    Grandpa made it the old fashioned way and used this ancient pot to boil the water. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing we used it for.
  2. Cucumbers
    Always fresh from someone's farm.
  3. Toaster Strudel and toasted, buttered Pop Tarts
    Lots of quick breakfasts. Mom and I are not morning people. And yes, butter... even on the frosted ones.
  4. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
  5. Creamed beef on toast
    Haven't had it since. Wouldn't be opposed to eating it again.
  6. Tuna noodle casserole
    I make it from scratch these days, but mom got me hooked (even if she didn't put peas in hers).
  7. Squash casserole
    Casseroles for days...
  8. Sunday pot roast with creamed potatoes
    The oven was always on the whole time we were at church. Was that even safe?!
  9. And desserts... mainly of the Christmas variety
    I definitely spent most of my time in the kitchen baking, not cooking. Chocolate chip cookies, homemade brownies (from a Mennonite cookbook), grandma's pecan fudge, and Christmas cookies (snowmen and Santa faces, in particular). Want.