People give transit a bad rap. And often I get it. It's crap. But here are some nice things!!
  1. When you catch a bus driver driving another bus give a little wave or nod to your bus driver
    Makes me smile every time.
  2. You can listen to podcasts and laugh a little or learn a lot
  3. You can sleep
    Can't sleep when you're driving
  4. The underground skytrain stations are cool in the summer and warm in the winter
    Well in Vancouver at least. That's not so in other cities
  5. Seriously though! That little wave is so heartwarming.
  6. You never have to search for parking when you get to your destination
    You also don't have to pay for parking!
  7. The little wave!! 🤗
  8. You don't get all sweaty
    Like you do when riding a bike
    Suggested by @b
  9. It's good for people watching!
    Suggested by @zoeyryanne