So I work at the Lush Head office in Vancouver. It's pretty aiight. @rainville @madisonmccord @brandyb @LordOfMisrule input if you've got any others?
  1. Staff discount
  2. My office smells delightful and different everyday.
    My department is right beside Bubbles, so we get all kinds of nice smells all the time.
  3. Staff boxes a few times a year to try out new products and seasonal stuff
  4. I am very on board with Lush's values and ethics
    I'm vegetarian, and none of our products are tested on animals. None of the ingredients either.
  5. I work in a very open and accepting environment.
    Hello blue hair, tattoos and people of all cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and genders.
  6. Top management cares about us
    We took a survey last year and a few months later after they found out that certain departments didn't agree with wages and how they weren't the norm compared to other equivalent local businesses and they promptly gave everyone a raise.
  7. Remember about values?
    Over 70% of our products at naked, so no packaging and so so so much less waste. I'm a bit of a waste nazi so this hits home for me!
  8. They give back to the community in a very real and meaningful way
    The charity pot program gives 100% of the proceeds of the Charity Pot lotion to non profits around the world who are working to change root causes of issues surrounding animal welfare, the environment and humanitarian efforts.
  9. I don't have to buy drugstore brands for a long long time.
    I am a low grade hoarder of lush products
  10. We also have staff sales ever season where we get dumb cheap dead stock that they can't sell anymore.
    The proceeds of these sales go to staff members in need and local non profits. One of our last ones funded a roof replacement of one of our staff member's family in the Philippines after a hurricane destroyed it
  11. I pretty well always know what to get people for a gift.
    Spoiler: it's Lush
  12. We get free stuff too
    If Fresh made too many face masks or another department can't sell it for some reason we get it for free! Also sometimes leftover fruit and veggies!
  13. People tell you that you smell good all the time.
    Like servers at restaurants and cashiers and people on the bus.
  14. Hey ladies!
    Having worked in some very boys-club industries, it's refreshing to work here. From the company fingers to directors, managers, creative forces and the people who make the products we sell, there are women in powerful positions everywhere. I think my department's chain of command is 100% Estrogen City right up until we get to the owner.
    Suggested by @brandyb
  15. They send you places sometimes!
    From product launches to the UK to grown up summer camp to managers meetings in cool places, Lush is a great opportunity for travelling with a business. Not to mention the great Charity Pot trips and the coolest winter party you've ever been to!
    Suggested by @LordOfMisrule