Pictures I found while cleaning the spare room

We like to call it the multipurpose room as a throwback to elementary school. But really it's like a big closet of a room.
  1. This was in grade 7 when I was on a school trip to Quebec.
    We met our pen pals and my friends and I thought this québécois boy was especially cute so we creeped a picture of him. We thought we were extremely clever for doing this and probably the first people to think of it.
  2. Camp Fircom summer 2014
    I was a camp councillor for 2 summers. I am the awkward one in the middle with the super casual pose that looks like I'm punching that person.
  3. This is me and my best friend @Z.
    I am tiny and she is making a super weird face and I love this picture.
  4. Me again. Being very dramatic in front of a cave.
    To be fair my dad is a photographer so I had to deal with a ton of pictures growing up. Sometimes I hated it and sometimes I really rolled with it.
  5. At grad in 2007. My other best friend @lizcamp who I don't think has ever used listapp.
    I swear we are really close and had already been very close for a number of years although you can't tell by looking at this awkward picture. You used to have to force her to hug you.
  6. Grade 8 year end party
    I'm the distractingly attractive one in the front with the tie died shirt. I don't know why I feel like I have to preface that this wasn't my normal clothes but that we had a water fight so I had to borrow that
  7. I found a lot of old school portraits.
    These are stickers! It appears nobody wanted any 🤓
  8. A signed photograph of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from Supernatural.
    My dad worked on the set and got them to sign this for my 18th birthday.
  9. Girl guides.
    I'm the one in the middle with the blue bandaid on my nose. Believe it or not, this started a trend that week and like half of the camp had coloured bandaids in their noses. A reminder that kids are very weird.
  10. My first ever dog Bluey on the right and Del when he was just a pup
    Bluey was the best dog that has ever existed and I still have very vivid dreams that she is alive again even though she passed away 15 years ago.
  11. My mom
    This is one of my favourite pictures of my mom from back in the day and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I'm about that age now and she just looks so perfectly grungy.
  12. I took this with my old school 50mm SLR
    I was writing a paper and then I order to procrastinate I took this picture. Notice how cool and meta it is. 🙄
  13. More pictures of myself!
    I played soccer for one year. This was also about the time that I lost my cute charm. It was all weird looking awkwardness after this. The middle row is more sweet portrait stickers. And the bottom one is a sweet magnet.
  14. More weird portrait paraphernalia! Or, a "Pride Pack" if you will.
    Anybody want a bookmark, keychain or magnet with my face on it???