Used generic suggestion!
  1. The first photo I ever took my phone
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    It's my dad's car Oscar. I don't normally like cats. But he's okay. Plus looks pretty majestic here
  2. This tiny tree fairy set up
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  3. Brent loving hugging a dog
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  4. This stolen phone selfie
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  5. This picture of Brent and some babies!
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  6. This sweet picture of a man and a bridge
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  7. This picture of lily pads from a hike in the north shore!
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  8. This picture of my parents' dog looking the cutest
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  9. This selfie at an wedding that @b and I crashed
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    We did not fit in
  10. This picture of my cute neighbourhood.
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  11. This dweeby picture of me after I planted a tree at work!
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  12. These fall flower pictures
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