I'm in Europe with @b and @zahrastark and things are happening!
  1. It has been raining a TON.
    There has been the worst flooding since 1910 and they had to close the Louvre and musée d'Orsay on Friday.
  2. I will probably never in my life eat a better sandwich than the one I ate at chez Pierre miam miam in le marche des enfants rouges
    We waited an hour in line for him to make it and it was just majestic.
  3. The whole champs élysées were closed off today for this fancy ceremony commemorating the friendship of South Korea and France.
    It was super extravagant.
  4. The Abercrombie & Fitch on the Champs élysées is insane
    Just casually get your bag checked here at these golden gates and then walk around back into this beautiful songbird filled courtyard. Then once inside there are about 10 beautiful men (this part isn't new) wearing nice suits dry mopping the black tile floor all over the beautiful interior. Very weird.
  5. 2 different people asked me for directions in the span of 5 minutes while I was sitting on a terrace drinking coffee
    I guess I fit in?
  6. We also ate the best falafel.
    I had freshly squeezed carrot juice with it. Both of these things were fantastic.
  7. Zahra and I ate copious amount of cheese one night
    Morbier and the freshest Selles-Sur-Cher and yummy Brie. We are really proud of ourselves for this idea.
  8. I've been sick for 2 days now.
    This part sucks, but hey! I'm in in France! I'll feel better soon!