Things are still happening! Nice, day trip to Monaco and then train ride to Marseille for one night.
  1. Nice is gorgeous.
    And it has beautiful people beaches. And go figure- azure coloured water!
  2. There were these weird bright blue jellyfish type things all over that I loved.
  3. The old port at night is very nice.
  4. We said nice a lot in reference to how nice everything is.
    And then we decided that it should have to be a drinking game. But never actually played because we would have gotten so drunk.
  5. @zahrastark is a good travel companion and this pretty well sums up our friendship.
  6. I probably should have invested in a new natural sunscreen before I left
    I knew this one wasn't going to be effective enough and even with several applications a day I still got a wee burn on my tender pale Scandinavian skin...
  7. The sound of the waves receding back into the ocean overtop of the pebbles was incredible
    I wish I could add video since it was so great. Plus floating with your ears underwater was amazing because you could hear this sound as well as some lulling clicking sound that I couldn't figure out? Also floating in the Mediterranean is 🙌 because it's effortless
  8. Monaco is one of the weirdest places I've ever visited.
    Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed myself. But it's super weird.
  9. There is like 65 people to one police officer and almost no crime.
  10. People have dumb amounts of money and show it off with these redonc yachts.
  11. The multilayered architecture was also super interesting
  12. There were random public elevators to get you everywhere without having to exert yourself too much
  13. The national drink of Monaco (yes they have a national drink) is champagne. Because of course it is.
    But it was going to run us 20 euro for one glass, so we opted out of that one.
  14. The casino is ornate and cheesy and amazing.
  15. The day we were there there was going to be a football match there, so they stopped serving liquor at about 4.
    Gotta be preventative? We were going to get some food and drinks and instead we opted to go back to Nice. Because then we can have the 🍷🍺
  16. I guess I'm a soap nerd?
    I went to a tiny soap museum in Marseille where they just loved that I was Canadian, and French-speaking, but not native Francophone.
  17. We went on an hour long boat trip from the old harbour out to the Chateau d'If and the îles de Frioule.
    We had sort of been obsessed with the idea of going out on a boat in Monaco and then in Nice, but it didn't work out, so we were pretty stoked on this.
  18. We ate the best pizza in Marseille.
    And I decided to ease up on my vegetarian strictness and try their anchovy pizza since they only offer two kinds, cheese and anchovy and half/half.
  19. I liked Marseille a lot more then I thought I would.
    It was full of life, but even though it's the second biggest city in France it didn't have that overbearing feel. It had tourists, but it didn't cater to English-speakers which I really liked. 😎