I was a weird, but happy kid.
  1. Age 5-7 Orca Trainer
    Free Willy was my FAVORITE movie. I RUINED our VHS copy because I literally watched it over and over again. I really just wanted to have a job where I could interact with Orcas. I gave up because my mom told me I would have to move to somewhere with an ocean because there are no whales in TN. I cried a lot.
  2. Age 9-10 Vet
    I was always an animal lover. This was a way to help them and get to see and play with all types of animals. My one problem is that my math skills were less than sub-par and I decided it was too risky, because I wouldn't want to accidentally make an animal worse. :(
  3. Ages 11-19 Teacher or Clinical Psychologist
    This is partially my mom's doing. But I was always told I was good with kids and all my job experience came from teaching swim lessons or teaching in daycare sand preschool. Eventually I got burned out and I do love kids, but I can't teach them everyday. Also, I don't think I want to get my PH.D. Which is basically required for anything in psychology.
  4. Age 21-23 Event Planner
    I still play with this idea every once in awhile. But I was convinced that I could start my own planning business. Specifically for weddings.
  5. Age 24-25 Human Resources Manager or Communication Consultant
    It's what my degree is going to be in (come graduation in 5 weeks!) and I'm really good at it, and it would be a stable job.
  6. Age 25 ??
    Even though I graduate in 5 weeks and stand to find a great job, swimming with and studying Orcas in the wild sounds great right about now....