Some of the things that I worried about as a kid
  1. Swimming at night
    When we used to sleep over at our grandparents' house we'd sometimes swim in their pool at night. This never appealed to me. First off, water is just scarier at night for some reason? And also I was scared that when I went underwater, a steel covering would extend over the pool and I'd be trapped. But I could prevent that by keeping one hand out of the water at all times! Totally normal 🙃
  2. Finding someone in my bed at night
    This one I can blame entirely on @jamiebaldwin. One night, back when we shared a room, I was scared to go to bed because I had this strange feeling something bad was going to happen to me. I went to talk to my mom so she could calm me down and finally went back to my dark room. I climbed into bed and felt a body next to me and freaked out! Jamie had snuck in there and thought it was hilarious, while our mom yelled at her "what the hell is wrong with you??" STILL SCARED OF THIS.
  3. Crosswalks
    I have always hated crossing the street and I still speedwalk/jog across them because I KNOW I will be hit by a car
  4. Being grabbed from under the bed
    I didn't like standing next to my bed at night because I could picture hands coming out from under and grabbing my ankles. Always had to jump into bed quick. I still think about this sometimes and it still freaks me out...
  5. Escalators
    I remember hearing about a boy whose shoe laces got stuck in the top of the escalator. So of course I imagined getting pulled into the escalator by my shoe lace and getting crushed and probably dying.
  6. Being crushed by a bunk bed
    I will never sleep on a bottom bunk.
  7. Going to the bathroom while everyone's playing outside and when I come out the game is over
    Hated needing to pee while all the neighborhood kids were playing. It felt like EVERY TIME I went inside, I'd miss something and everyone would be done by the time I came back out.