You have nothing to do at work but you still have to be there! Here are some tips and tricks to get you through the day! (from current personal experience)
  1. Remember that you are being paid!
    Remind yourself this at least once every hour. Sure you're just sitting motionless at a desk and staring at a computer all day but YOU GET MONEY FOR IT! Things could be a lot worse! (Skip this bullet point if unpaid...)
  2. Walk to the bathroom!
    You might not even need to go but who cares?! Get up and walk to that bathroom! Maybe sit in a stall and read the list app on your phone. Then after an appropriate amount of time, flush and wash your hands and walk back over to your desk! CONGRATS, you have just occupied yourself for up to 10 minutes! (Depending on distance from bathroom to desk)
  3. Stare at your calendar!
    Hang up a pretty calendar in your cubicle! Maybe you have something to look forward to! STARE AT THAT DATE to pass the time! (Skip this bullet point if you have nothing to look forward to)
  4. Read the news!
    Bookmark some news sites on your browser and just constantly cycle through them throughout the day! Now you are up to date on current events AND passing the time at work! (Warning: reading horrible news stories all day is not great for your mental health)
  5. Walk to a coffee shop!
    Get outside and walk to your local coffee shop! Doesn't matter if you don't want it! Go buy some overpriced coffee! It will give you a purpose for up to 30 min of your day! (Bonus: the coffee will make you need to pee and then you can walk to the bathroom again)
  6. Research things you might buy!
    Get into some intense research about a future purchase! Cars, apartments/houses, furniture, TV, anything you might be thinking about buying! Maybe create some spreadsheets to compare prices and features! (Bonus: spreadsheets look like work to anyone who walks by)
  7. Learn a skill!
    Convince yourself that you can learn to code during all this free time! Start some online lessons in a programming language that might improve future job prospects! (Warning: won't kill that much time if you're easily discouraged and stop doing the lessons)
  8. See how long you can go without looking at a clock!
    Wow last time I looked it was 10:04 and now it's 10:17?!? The time is flying by!