@annievain and I braced the tenderloin, a neighborhood in San Francisco, and the entire ride home in our Prius she questioned me about these hypothetical situations. Someone help her. I don't know why she thinks I'm an expert. Let it be noted that I'm much whiter than her & grew up in the Silicon Valley. I studied graphic design, for Christs' sake.
  1. So like, what happens if they mug me and I don't have a wallet on me, and they kill me?
  2. So like, how do people usually get mugged? Like, standing and waiting for something?
    I told her to watch some YouTube videos.
  3. So like, what's a comparable city to what we were just in?
    I said Detroit. But didn't mean it.
  4. What's a city that's like, south central la?
  5. Do you know anyone besides ____ that's been mugged?
  6. What is the scariest part of SF?
    We agreed it was the part we were just in.
  7. What do you think would happen if I just walked up to those guys and asked to buy drugs? Like what would the sequence of events be?
    They would laugh at you, Annie.
  8. Can we take an uber down the street?
  9. If we started running, would they just run after us? Like don't you think that would get them all riled up?
  10. Haley can we go inside?
    We were standing outside of the door. Like 20 inches away.
  11. Why couldn't we just walk out with everyone else?
  12. Have you walked down skid row?
  13. What's the difference between the ghetto and the hood?
  14. Statements:
  15. Skid row is post-apocalyptic.
    Not a question, but still noteworthy. Annie said she'd seen pictures online.