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I am an 18 year old lady with a lot of thoughts.
  1. I am literally made of trash.
  2. I am the cutest person who has ever exist eyes.
  3. I want ice cream.
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Inspiration from @annafiedler
  1. Bad listener
  2. Texts in class
  3. Practically only eats cookies
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As I wrap up this term I would like to remember that the past year has been wild. Here are some things that have happened.
  1. Got a full ride scholarship to the #1 engineering school in the country
  2. Went there...
    Met some of the best friends I could ever wish for
  3. Had a "breakdown" and took a medical withdrawal from school!
    When people talk about how they want to drop out of college... Been there done that 💅🏻
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I hate calculus and I love selfies.
Who do they think they are?
  1. American flag tattoo on chest
  2. "If you hate white people or capitalism, swipe left"
  3. "If you like Bernie Sanders, swipe left"
    Am I voting for Bernie Sanders? Idk, but the fact that you won't make out with me for that...
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I'm majoring in Bro Studies.
  1. One bro helping another bro put his hood on because it was raining and his hands were full
  2. A bro told his bro that dead lifting was his "main squeeze"
  3. Two bros said goodbye by saying "later gator"
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  1. This was my fault completely
  2. He was texting and I said "Are you texting your girlfriend? I know how that is."
  3. No I don't. I don't have a girlfriend. I am a straight girl who has never even had a boyfriend. I have no comparable experience.
I've been seeing this guy, but then he ghosted me!
  1. He could sense that I was going to ghost him
  2. I told him I'd never make out with him again if he voted for Trump
  3. He realized I was too liberal
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This couldn't be a list about both of my parents because they are too different and too divorced for it to make sense combined.
  1. Things my daughter and I disagree about ideologically
  2. Times my daughter lied to me about where she was going
  3. Times my daughter changed after I complimented her outfit
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  1. "Why don't you love me enough to reply to my text about my butt? I love you!"
  2. "No 💩 🕵 (I'm so funny. I can see why you're doing this it's fun.)"
  3. "MATT DAMON!!!"
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