As I wrap up this term I would like to remember that the past year has been wild. Here are some things that have happened.
  1. Got a full ride scholarship to the #1 engineering school in the country
  2. Went there...
    Met some of the best friends I could ever wish for
  3. Had a "breakdown" and took a medical withdrawal from school!
    When people talk about how they want to drop out of college... Been there done that 💅🏻
  4. Took six weeks off of school to take care of myself
  5. Became so much more aware of my mental health and taking care of myself
    I know that medication is not right for everyone, but right now it's right for me! And therapy is awesome (even group therapy)!!! And if you think that your problems are part of a bigger thing tell your doctor because I learned I have ADHD and if I wouldn't have talked to my doctor about how I was feeling idk how long it would have taken for me to figure that out???
  6. Started going to a new college!
    go beavs!!!
  7. Became a lot more comfortable with my sexuality
    Sexuality: TBD... But that's cool with me.
  8. Can't wait to see what the next year brings????
    Crossing my fingers I don't drop out again, but other than that I'm cool with most things.
  9. I am just so happy that I am alive and that I fought through all of the hard times! I still have my bad days, but I am so thankful for where I am.