Sometimes I'm dragged into the trenches of conspiracy
  1. First stop. A yellow dog gets on my car. I see a squirt of mustard on the ground. A Curious George poster whizzes by. A bird flies into the car and pecks at a raised freckle on my arm.
  2. I get off at 14th street. I was once 14. I take 14 steps. Is there something yellow under the street? Is that jogger two dogs in a body suit?
  3. Back on. I'm hungry. I can eat anything that costs $1.40. Or $14 or $140. I can eat yellow hot dog, or a hot dog with a squirt of mustard on it. Or dog food. Or a monkey.
  4. There's a code here, and I'll need to concentrate to crack it. Track it. Racquet. And what do you play with a racquet?? Your dog!!!! No, no I'm confusing myself.
  5. Please, I beg, someone just tell me what's going on
  6. I sprint on and off 14,000 times
  7. My thoughts are lightning, I am God's speed, I still don't have answers
  8. Birds. Yellow. 14. 14. Yellow. Birds.
  9. 14 large men in suits and yellow sunglasses get on. A bird flies away with my freckle in its beak
  10. I never get off again