1. Yes I am an American and no I don't practice my accent.
  2. When working a dead shift, one begins to question the logic of ever working in a pub.
  3. Football.... One word that describes the deadly mix of alcohol, locals, and passions that rise on match day
  4. Darby Day, football on crack. A bi-yearly torture chamber that no pub staff should ever be subjected to.
  5. The slew of insults that run through ones mind when you tell someone their favorite lager is out can be an impressive internal dialogue.
  6. You can learn more about an English town, city, or village than you ever thought possible by working in a pub.
  7. Coworkers and their jokes can be lifesavers.
  8. The ways in which people can pronounce beers will never cease to amaze you.
  9. Heat. When the pub becomes packed you will wish you were in shorts and a tank top.
  10. You will begin to fall in love with the local people and come to appreciate each quirk of the local culture.