1. Not buy into the Media
    Stop caring about what celebrities are doing, wearing eating etc. so much of our time is wasting talking about what the Kardashians are doing or who is dating who but the celebrities who are making a difference go unnoticed. Not anymore.
  2. Focus more on those in need
    Focus more of my energy time, and money on helping those in need, children in foster care, orphans around the world, women and men in poverty.
  3. Go visit my parents more
    One weekend a month or even once every couple of months, my parents have done so much for me it's time I spend more time with them
  4. Make better choices for my health
    It's 2017, I'm almost 24 it's time I listen to my body and stop giving into my sugar cravings
  5. Workout more
    And not just the first few days or months of 2017 but create a healthy lifestyle for myself. I don't want to be ripped but I want to be healthier for myself
  6. Stay off my phone more
    Too much of my time is swiping through useless apps.