From Friday to Sunday I ate all this food. This is an insane quantity of food and I am quite aware. Restaurant names are in brackets
  1. Friday
  2. Biscuit avocado eggs Benedict (no ham) [Radish]
  3. New Guinea pour over coffee [Sightglass]
  4. Fried chicken sliders and latkes [Schroeder's]
  5. Nachos, chicken arepa sandwich, plantain fries [Pica Pica]
  6. Saturday
  7. Iced coffee [Four Barrel]
  8. The most amazing sandwich in the entire world [Ike's]
    I've been waiting to eat this sandwich again for over a year. It is: chicken, avocado, pesto, lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack, dirty sauce on Dutch crunch. It is amazing and perfect
  9. Espresso [Four Barrel]
  10. Copious amounts of fajitas, enchiladas, chips, salsa, Guac [homemade]
  11. Sunday
  12. Leftover fajita chicken
  13. Cold brew [Blue Bottle]
  14. Channa masala and naan [Indian Oven]
  15. Mint mojito iced coffee [Philz]
  16. Cookies [some crust]
  17. Curry eggplant and pad see euw [Basil Canteen]
  18. About 10 samples then a honey lavender and Blue Bottle Ice cream with hot fudge and pecan toffee [Bi-Rite]
  19. Green papaya salad and shrimp spring rolls [Open Door]