This was just really delicious food it evoked a strong, emotional reaction from me
  1. Ike's Spiffy Tiffy Sandwich
    I've been waiting to eat this sandwich again for over a year. It is: chicken, avocado, pesto, lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack, dirty sauce on Dutch crunch. It is amazing and perfect
  2. Irving Farm Blueberry Flax Muffin
    I know, a flax muffin! It's giant and 80 calories and has the perfect blend of savory and sweet. I eat this about 5 times a year and snap a 10 minute story of me crying whilst eating
  3. Bi-rite Lavender Honey and Blue Bottle ice cream with hot fudge and pecan toffee
    This was after I sampled 10 different ice creams. The shop was almost closing and the shop workers were so nice. Not only did they enthusiastically let me sample far more than I should, but after I purchased my sundae of sorts, I missed out loud that I should've picked a different one. My sundae was still delicious. So the scoopers made me a mini sundae on a spoon. This mini sundae contained honey lavender ice cream, blood orange olive oil, and sea salt.
  4. Rocky's Chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, hashbrowns, and honey mustard on a roll
    Rocky's is probably the best deli in America and this sandwich was so fucking delectable
  5. Mulhama
    I ate this Turkish food after a long hike. It's butter, flour, and Turkish cheese melted into a fondue eaten with bread chunks.
  6. The Coffee Shop (it's the restaurant name) Chinese Chicken salad
    This one was actually not tasty, but I was informed of bad news at the table and started crying. My friends told me they heard a rumor (that was true) that I tried very hard to keep quiet and this rumor would've had irreparable damage to my reputation. It all worked out in the end. Yet I can never go back to this restaurant again.