A more positive spin on my last list.
  1. Be kind and understanding to others, regardless of my relationship with someone.
  2. Think on my feet in presentations and interviews, and actually sound like I'm knowledgeable in the subject.
    I'm not super cocky or anything, but I've been given this compliment many times- I'll take it.
  3. Curl my hair and make it look moderately good.
  4. Enjoy running, and keep up with doing it on a regular basis.
  5. Navigate cities on my own.
  6. Spell and understand the meaning of words that most people can't.
    I was a vocab nerd as a kid.
  7. Rock-climbing
  8. Speak to people I've never met and have good conversations with them.
  9. Be unafraid.
    My friends at home know me as being able to try or do random things without getting nervous or scared- this has been anything from cliff jumping to crowd surfing to talking my way past security guards.
  10. Withstand very cold water.
    This might seem odd to include, but whenever I go camping or adventuring, I can always swim in the river/lake/stream/waterfall and actually enjoy it, without getting frostbite or miserable. I'm proud of this, b/c this has given me some pretty cool memories and experiences (pun not intended).
  11. Drive a stick shift.
    S/o to my trusty 2000 Toyota corolla
  12. Resolve conflicts.
    I'm good at separating my emotions from arguments and being objective; in conflicts that don't involve me, I can calmly mediate things.
  13. Understand politics and current events.
  14. Make select food items well.
    I can bake a mean pumpkin pie and my salmon isn't bad either
  15. Ace standardized tests, and do well on normal tests without studying.
  16. Recite state capitols / random facts.
    thanks, Mom and Dad.
  17. Push myself.
  18. Be happy.
    Most of the time.