There's many more, but I'm sticking with these.
  1. Understand philosophy.
    Haven't actually tried though so this is completely on me
  2. Go 2 weeks without sleeping through an 8 am.
  3. Enjoy any machine at the gym.
    Running outside > any of them.
  4. Feel comfortable with myself enough to go without at least a little makeup.
  5. Understand my financial aid.
    ??????????????? (I do know I will be in debt)
  6. Stop being a hypochondriac and freaking myself out.
    I convince myself I'm dying approximately every 5 days.
  7. Drink real coffee.
  8. Eat mushrooms
  9. Wake up to less than 3 alarms
  10. Math.
    I have but a childlike understanding, and that is not being self- deprecating.
  11. Pluck my own eyebrows.
    I'm not immune to pain, sorry not sorry!!
  12. Be confident in my abilities and ideas.
  13. Drink without chasing.
  14. Enjoy my own writing
  15. Handle needles like a pro
    My mom actually needs to hold my hand. I will pass out, probably, and forget about taking blood- then my fainting is literally guaranteed. To be fair, I'm severely anemic so it's not entirely my own fault, but it's still extremely inconvenient.
  16. Put down my phone for a while.
    I look at it way too much- it gets in the way of schoolwork and clarity of mind and I wish my impulse control was stronger.
  17. Feel completely at home in college.
    It's not too bad, and I like a lot about college, but I don't feel like I've completely carved out my niche yet, and I'm a little homesick still.
  18. Love myself unconditionally and without doubt.
    I'm working on it, though.