letting it out?
  1. My grades aren't as good as I wanted them and expected them to be
  2. I don't have a job so my parents have to give me spending money
    (I'm a first semester college student so it makes complete sense not to work right now- my parents don't want me to- but still)
  3. I often squander such spending money on ubers and eating out when I really shouldn't be doing that all the time.
  4. Basically my college is very expensive.
    Like if you were to read a click-bait article about most expensive schools, mine would definitely be in the top 10.
  5. And my family is middle class, unlike most of my classmates. My parents do just fine- but it's not like we have tons and tons of extra 💰
  6. My twin brother is also in school and traveling to and from school means a cross- country flight. I respect that my parents are paying a lot.
    Hence the guilt
  7. And it's constantly on my mind that if it costs that much to be here, I should be taking advantage of that and getting my money's worth of my education.
  8. And I feel that I'm not doing that, because my GPA isn't what I was expecting. And I haven't been the greatest at managing the money that I'm given.
  9. I've put a lot of pressure on myself
  10. I don't think that's a mistake per se- I don't want to mess up. The pressure keeps me on track.
  11. I know life could be much, much worse and many people have greater problems than this.
  12. But right now it's frustrating.