looking forward to next summer already
  1. (Finals are killing me so I'm thinking of happier times) (haven't seen my best friends in 4 months) (I miss evergreen trees) (send help) (I occasionally listen to Stubborn Love and think of home & cry but it's cool)
  2. Camping with friends in two different breathtaking places
  3. Crowd-surfing at an alternative music festival
  4. Trapeze lessons.
  5. Rock climbing at midnight
  6. Kerry park + sneaking into a closed off, under-construction house to admire the skyline.
  7. Jumping off a barge into a canal 20 feet below
  8. Swimming in freezing waterfalls
  9. Trying a Pie Bar on Capitol Hill at 3 am
  10. Playing fugitive
  11. Bonfires that turned into all night parties
  12. Paddle Boarding on Green Lake
  13. Comedy open-mic nights.
  14. Cliff jumping
  15. A 10 mile hike on a secluded trail that ended in a beautiful lake.
  16. Watching meteor showers
  17. Laser light shows
  18. Wandering around downtown in search of the best dessert options
  19. Driving up and down the Puget Sound in search of the best sunset view.
  20. Rope Course park at the Space Needle
  21. Beach days
  22. Learning to navigate the International District and becoming bubble tea experts
  23. Getting to know people I had never met.
  24. Hanging out spontaneously with people I hadn't yet gotten to know well.
  25. Every time we stayed in Seattle and had a low key day or night but still wandered around a new part of town and visited a new coffee shop or diner and were reminded of how much there is to explore in our own backyard, and how I never want to stop.
  26. 😊🌲🌅☕️🌊