and you really can't fathom the idea of him being president....
  1. Vote!!!
    even better, early vote!
  2. Donate!!!
  3. Make phone calls!!!
  4. Knock doors!!!!
  5. Register voters!!!!
  6. Volunteer in your local office!!!!!
  7. If you've been saying you'll get involved later on in the campaign because you're really busy right now...
  8. Election Day is only 26 days away😱
  9. Online activism is fine but at the end of the day, the only thing that determines the results of an election is how many people submit their ballots
  10. Especially if you live in Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Nevada, Georgia, New Hampshire, or Arizona, EVERY VOTE MATTERS!!
  11. If you have any spare time or money, consider lending it to your local Party or campaign.
  12. Every little bit helps.
  13. Don't forget about the other down-ballot races, either
  14. House races??? Super important!!
  15. Senate races??? Super important!!
  16. Gubernatorial races??? Super important!!
  17. State races??? Super important!!
  18. Local races??? ehh- just kidding, super important!!
  19. I urge everyone to think about putting in a little work- if your opinions about this election are strong as they are, why wouldn't you invest some energy into it?
  20. And if you're too busy to log formal volunteer hours, make sure your own family is able to make their voices heard
  21. Have an elderly parent?
  22. A recently-turned 18 nephew?
  23. Make sure they're registered, and have a way to get to the polls. If they can't get to a polling location, make sure they request and turn in an absentee ballot.
  24. it really does take a village, y'all
  25. *climbs off soapbox and drags it off into the sunset*
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