this is so incriminating
  1. I have, on multiple occasions, forced my friends to stay up all night to go on sunrise hikes
    I'm talking getting to the trailhead at 3:45 AM WOW I am despicable!!
  2. I prefer dates and outings with friends to be spontaneous and will dissuade people from actually planning anything
  3. I lose things all the time
    I'm that bitch who's on her 8th debit card. When I can't find it after a night out, I don't even get upset- I could report it missing, cancel it, and order a new one on my banking app in probably 23 seconds
  4. I've owned plants with names and I talked to them occasionally¿
  5. I wear birkenstocks
  6. Or I go barefoot
  7. I talk about 'vibes'
  8. Despite being an adult, I still enjoy climbing trees and swinging on swings
  9. Once I paid someone $10 to tell me my fortune and the results legit affected me for a little while
  10. I'm late to everything
    Literally. Everything.
  11. I'm very ~~ adventurous~~
  12. I'm obsessed with sunsets and the sky
    I'm always making my friends wait while I stop and take pictures of the sky and talk about clouds & I need 2 chill but they're so pretty!!!!!
  13. I've semi-seriously contemplated abandoning my responsibilities and moving to Switzerland
    or Prague or Thailand or Chile
  14. Can I get a yikessssssss💫✌🏼️🌵🕸🌪☕️🍸