I wore a fitted skirt to my internship. Probably won't be doing that again.
  1. The old man with the cigarette
  2. A cluster of 5 or 6 men, probably homeless, all about my father's age.
  3. The 3 teenagers with gym bags
  4. The lone teenager
  5. The 2 middle-aged men with briefcases
  6. A college kid with a backpack and UW hat
  7. Last but not least, another old man
  8. PSA:
  9. Don't try to talk to me.
  10. Don't tell me I look nice.
  11. Don't blatantly stare at me, without even bothering to hide it.
  12. Don't talk about me with your buddy as I walk by.
  13. Don't check me out and stop right in front of the escalator so I'm forced to go up ahead of you.
  14. Don't make me feel threatened and unsafe.
  15. Don't make me feel ashamed to be wearing a perfectly appropriate, knee-length skirt.
  16. Don't act like a piece of shit.
  17. Just.
  18. Fucking.
  19. Don't.