My boyfriend is pretty cool, 10/10 would recommend this to all (also I know this seems like a no brainer but they can be hard to find when you're young & most of the guys you meet are in a frat).
  1. Would never pressure you into doing something you don't 100% want to do because he values consent and mutual enjoyment.
    And it's genuine, not the thing where they stop but act disappointed or make you feel guilty when you don't want to go further
  2. Doesn't make infuriating comments about women in media, entertainment, or politics.
  3. On that note, you can discuss social issues that you care about without getting offended or annoyed because you're arguing with a jackass. Instead, you probably agree.
  4. Similarly, they respect your intellect and you can converse about politics or current events or literature or music or literally anything without risk of being condescended or mansplained to.
  5. Doesn't get bored when you geek out about Broad City or Tina Fey or Planned Parenthood or Elizabeth Warren. They might just geek out with you!!
  6. Isn't controlling or overly jealous.
  7. Doesn't get offended or insecure if you want to pay for something yourself.
  8. Doesn't call their exes crazy so you know they won't call you crazy.
  9. Is supportive of career ambitions.
  10. His masculinity isn't threatened by emotions, so we can actually talk about feelings and be honest with each other.
    It's kind of adorable.
  11. Can do things like buy you flowers or hold your hand or talk about you without being worried about being called whipped by his friends.
    Because he knows that's stupid and ridiculous.
  12. They understand that women (and all people) are complex beings and they can handle you being a little difficult or emotional without being fazed.
  13. In general they don't objectify you and you get treated like a human with strengths and weaknesses and ideas and interests and flaws and goals and quirks and everything else.
  14. And they like those things. And being liked by someone you like for all that you are is such a great feeling.
  15. Why would you date someone who doesn't fully and proudly respect women?
    Ladies, they don't deserve you.
  16. Why would you be someone who doesn't fully and proudly respect women?
    We're deserving of that much, at least.