Going to school 3 blocks from the White House has it's perks💯
  1. Lincoln Chafee
    I turned around, he was there; we shook hands. He told me he "loved Dems" and that there were "lots of women". 10 minutes later, he dropped out of the presidential race. After hearing him speak, I decided all I ever want is for Lincoln Chafee to be happy.
  2. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    DNC chair; she spoke about women's empowerment, it was v exciting.
  3. Nancy Pelosi
    Inspiring as fuck. Oh my god. She's such a badass.
  4. Martin O'Malley
    He's actually a fantastic speaker and person. I like him a lot, and I think with some time to gain more leverage and name recognition in the party he could do a lot better in the race. Great points towards sick leave and police brutality, and yes, he's attractive in person (just look at that squint).
  5. Bernie Sanders
    The one and only!!!! This was very cool, as a young person, I felt like I was seeing my long lost father?!?? He spoke about what he normally speaks about- political revolution, money in politics, economic inequality, taxes. His points were good but I'm seriously beginning to doubt their effectiveness as policies, esp. w/ this Congress.
  6. Hillary Clinton
    She was so, so, so, amazing in person. I can't describe it adequately. Her rhetoric is so powerful and she speaks with such composure. She spoke about a wide variety of economic and social issues and I felt her speech hit home the hardest for me. She referenced the struggles of working women and issues of maternity leave and equal pay and by the time she left the stage, I was the most humbled and inspired I had ever been, at the same time. She also waved at me and said hello (I died and cried).
  7. Last but certainly not least....
  8. Barack Obama!!!!!!!!
    He was the most amazing speaker I've ever heard and he shall hold that title forever. He addressed a litany of issues, gave hope towards their solutions, and poked fun at the Republican Party, all at once. That photo is of me shaking the President's hand, after I told him how much he inspired me, and after he thanked me and told me to work hard and made strong eye contact. That was a crazyyyy experience.I lost it, as you can tell by the insane look in my eyes. He's such an amazing person!!!!!
  9. (Character counts got me down but feel free to ask q's if ya want bc this was one of the best days of my life and I could talk quite a lot about it!!)