I could go on and on; this has all happened to me in the last 12 hours.
  1. The two different groups of guys that yelled explicit things out of cars in a 4 hour period- once at my friends and I and once when I was alone. Way to make me feel safe!
  2. The condescending older guy that was eager to educate me about coffee beans and international development at La Colombe. I didn't ask. I'm an international affairs major and I waste my life in coffee shops- trust me, the explanations were unnecessary.
  3. I'm studying right now with a guy friend, who I like only as a friend, and though I've guessed for a little while that he likes me as more, he's never done anything to make me uncomfortable. However, his roommates just dropped by to throw condoms at him and tell us to have fun studying. Um. No???
    Cue the awkward silence
  4. tldr guys suck