1. I woke up today with a myriad of minor, irrelevant complaints.
  2. I lamented the work I have to do for my internship, the studying I need to do for midterms, the fact that my sore throat has yet to heal, my boredom at being too sick to do anything fun recently, the brunch plans I had to cancel.
  3. Then I checked Facebook.
  4. And someone, not someone I knew personally or well, but someone I have some mutual connections with, has suffered a horrible tragedy.
  5. Yesterday, his three young children perished in a house fire.
  6. I am shocked.
  7. I am devastated.
  8. I am heartbroken.
  9. And my pain and sympathy is but a tiny fraction of those who knew those children, those who loved them, those who have truly experienced a loss.
  10. I can truly not imagine what it's like to go through something like that
  11. This is the single worst thing a person could go through.
  12. And every little thing that's caused me to feel sorry for myself is ridiculously inconsequential in comparison.
  13. I think it's easy to let small things affect me or change my mood or my outlook.
  14. But there are so, so, so many things to be grateful for, to celebrate.
  15. My loved ones are all alive and well.
  16. I'll be holding them a bit more dearly.
  17. I'll be appreciating things that I sometimes tend to overlook
  18. Maybe it's a bad thing that it takes a tragedy to prompt some serious self-reflection; but it has.
  19. Life is so fragile.
  20. As horrible as this situation is, most people could use a reminder of that.