My freshman year of college is ending soon, and I don't really want it to. Thanks for the wisdom, Pam Beesley!
  1. I moved 3000 miles away to come to school in Washington DC; it might as well have been on another planet. I have a lot of hometown pride for Seattle, and before I left, I questioned whether it was possible to truly feel completely at home in two (very) different places.
  2. Many months later, I can say with utmost certainty that it is.
  3. I love college. I've fallen into routines, I'm comfortable, and I've learned to love everything about it.
  4. I love my view as I walk home; the silhouette of the city against a cloud-dotted sky.
  5. I love my internship and being behind the scenes of something big and important, and being able to share my opinions and ideas in a place where they're respected.
  6. I love the bagel I get every morning for breakfast- bacon, egg, and cheese on whole wheat never tastes better than after a long, early class.
  7. I love the sleepy diligence of taking notes in my history class.
  8. I love running to the monuments, and taking a stop at the World War 2 Memorial to look in every direction.
  9. I love the rapport between the rowdy Australian exchange student and my bemused Spanish professor.
  10. I love the brick buildings and the bright tulips; the marble and the cherry blossoms.
  11. I love taking the Metro to random corners of the city to try out a cafe or coffee shop.
  12. I love the chatter and buzz of a dorm pregame, in that comfortable space between sober and tipsy.
  13. I love the striking DC sunsets you see by standing on a street corner facing dead West.
  14. I love long nights in the library, filled with companionable silence and shared struggling.
  15. I love ending the night by recapping my day to my roommate and best friend, whispering in the dark to avoid waking up our other roommates.
  16. I love the misadventure- and the jokes that ensue- that grocery shopping can turn into when you're with the right person.
  17. I love laughing so hard I cry, in situations where I shouldn't.
  18. I love the ever-changing rhythm, the way my life seems to steadily pace ahead, then rapidly spurt forward unpredictably.
  19. I love the realization that I've constructed a life here, and the comfort in knowing that you can find a home anywhere.
  20. And in knowing that change isn't so scary after all.
  21. Of course, I value the people I've met more than anything. That goes without saying.
  22. (I've done a lot, and learned a lot; this list purposefully leaves out the more profound aspects of this experience.)
  23. But lately I've been noticing the beauty in the little things.
  24. The everyday, the ordinary.
  25. There's quite a lot.
  26. I'm not quite ready to uproot myself from it, albeit temporarily.
  27. ~But~ I'm considering myself lucky to have something worth missing.