my aversion to the class is slowly ruining my life, but it's casual. College™
  1. Tell myself my TA is chill and I can make up the quiz
    not untrue but I'm also enabling myself!! Stop, Haley!!
  2. Search for the perfect Christmas playlists on Spotify and YouTube.
    Ah, Christmas, when first semester will be over. Can you tell I'm excited?
  3. Sleep in
    I tell myself I'll wake up at a decent time on weekends to study but I instead wake up at 1:00 and I'm not dressed and fed til 3:00. Yikes.
  4. Stalk random people on Facebook for literally no reason at all.
    I don't actually enjoy this. But I REALLY don't enjoy stats.
  5. Take naps
    I sleep for several hours each day😁
  6. Drink
    no legitimate explanation except that I can easily and so I do (whoops)
  7. Procrastinate with my Chem lab assignments.
    My feel-good distraction of choice.
  8. Ask roommates/friends if they want to get food with me.
    I pretend that I'm not being social and that I'm merely taking a study break to sustain myself but does dinner really need 3 hours?
  9. Complain
  10. Catch up on the news
    Another distraction that I find somewhat less guilt-laden.
  11. Feel guilty because I'm one of the people privileged enough to receive secondary education and I'm clearly not putting enough energy into it or appreciating it enough.
  12. It all goes full circle. Wish me luck, folks!!!!