the tales of a salty af day camp counselor
  1. Cry about what we're having for afternoon snack
    Chex Mix > Nutrigrain bars all the way
  2. Spend the entire day pretending to be a cat because they feel like their true self that way
    possibly same?
  3. Swing on the swings on the park
    I like swings but apparently those are "for the children"
  4. Go home early if you get tired or sick
    I would every day tbh, my shifts are 10 hours long and I'm done by hour 4
  5. Get in a fighting match with the mean kid
    8 year olds can be vicious
  6. Chat and gossip with their pals
    You're telling me it's "inappropriate" to FaceTime my friends while at work?? Ha ha what wow someone needs to chill
  7. Opt out of activities to sit on the sidelines and make friendship bracelets
    I too get tired of playing tag and want some ~~~relaxation time~~~ but since I'm on the payroll I have to be enthusiastic the entire time‼️