This is a totally random assortment of things but I recommend making a list like this ~ for those times when you don't feel like yourself, it can help you get back. Also good for feeling slightly more self-actualized!!
  1. Arguing with my brother
    We are twins, and have a close relationship, but we're also very different. Add in how stubborn we both are and you get the most infuriating (and unnecessary) argument possible.
  2. Chai lattes in paper to-go cups
  3. Always wearing blush but skipping mascara half the time
    👻 life
  4. Being 5 minutes late
    It's a character flaw
  5. The sound of boots on cobblestone sidewalks
  6. When the sunlight shines through trees and makes that perfect shade of green
  7. Drinking ice water
  8. Procrastinating
    sorry @ future me
  9. 11 PM- 2 AM
  10. Raspberry-pomegranate frozen yogurt
    With coconut flakes, mochi, and kiwi
  11. Cloudy days
  12. Driving aimlessly around Seattle when I probably have something else to do
  13. this ratty pair of sweats I bought at summer camp when I was 14 and still wear all the time
    only indoors
  14. Being the youngest person in the room & thus having to do a lot of grunt work bc you have to Pay Your Dues™
    professionally this is usually a given, so it's a veryyy familiar feeling😶
  15. Running around the Reflecting Pool
  16. Sitting in a canoe/row boat/kayak
  17. 1007.7 the End
    I am a loyal listener, check it out🤘🏼
  18. Combo of running shorts & birks in the summer
    I'm from the Northwest this could be considered the pinnacle of outdoorsy fashion tbh
  19. Checking my email 738572 times a day
  20. Eating seafood with my Grandma
    Whenever we go out to dinner, we go to a seafood place on Elliott Bay or the waterfront
  21. Rereading Franny & Zooey
    my copy is falling apart & I like it that way
  22. When your heart is beating reallyyy fast bc of caffeine and you get tired but it's like a wired type of tired
    me everyday bc I don't learn