She is my role model, spirit animal, life coach, and the first character I was able to immediately identify with. I love her so much I once received a little Leslie action figure as a gift, which sits on my desk and gives me inspiration.
  1. Our stubborn sides.
    My parents will be the first to tell you that I do not give in easily or make concessions willingly. If I want something, it'll happen eventually because I won't forget about it, just as Leslie refused to let go of her dream of turning the pit into a park.
  2. Our political aspirations.
    I've done a lot of work on campaigns at different levels and am continuing to learn about different sides of politics through an internship. I'd like to think I'm on a good path in this respect, and I'm excited to see where the future will take me. I hope to someday run for office and when I do, I can only hope to act with as much compassion and integrity as Leslie wields on a daily basis.
  3. Our shared sweet tooth.
    I think it is completely reasonable to consume dessert multiple times a day, every day. I love whipped cream, I love waffles, and I would be 100% okay with those being major food groups.
  4. Our appearances- we are both blond and petite.
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    I think a world exists in which I could play a younger version of her. I'm like, 80% sure there's a resemblance.
  5. Our love for Ben Wyatt.
    Heart eyes. Also, I too enjoy making geopolitical problem solving my bitch, so I think we'd get along nicely.
  6. Our loyalty.
    Leslie cares so much about every one in the department and would do anything for them (except for Jerry/Gary/Larry, but nobody's perfect). I feel very similarly about my friends. If I'm close to you, chances are I'm willing to defend your honor or bail you out of a tricky situation. S/O to squad, I got your backs😎💘