feelin #blessed that my interests combined in this way
  1. Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield (the founders and namesakes of Ben&Jerry's ice cream) have been traveling around campaigning in support of Bernie Sanders
  2. They were in Washington DC all of yesterday
  3. They took part in the Democracy Springs protest, and even got arrested on Capitol Hill yesterday morning
  4. And after that, they came to my school!
  5. A student org put on the event, aptly called Politics and Pints
  6. Once the event started, Ben & Jerry sprinted in and down to the stage; more energetic than I could have imagined
    Nobody was expecting them to run in yelling and cheering so it was hilarious
  7. look at how cute they are!!
  8. They took turns speaking, particularly about campaign finance reform, getting money out of politics, the problems that come with large lobbyists and special interest groups, etc.
  9. They also promoted Bernie a lot! Their points were interesting and I was glad to hear them. Though I support Hillary, I will happily vote for whichever candidate gets the Democratic nomination.
    They were clearly very passionate and had supported him since he was their mayor; always great to see that
  10. They showed everyone the light up Bernie signs they made in a garage in Burlington and sold on "our own page on Etsy.com"
    & they were everyone's grandpas in that moment
  11. They explained their new ice cream flavor: Bernie's Yearning.
    "When we decided to give him a flavor, it was really difficult. I wouldn't say exactly that I had sleepless nights, but there was a lot of tossing and turning." -Jerry
  12. Essentially, it's mint with a disk of chocolate on top.
  13. The chocolate represents the 1% and the uneven distribution of wealth; the intention is for the person eating it to break up the chocolate (big banks) with their spoon so it's evenly distributed; the way mint chocolate chip should be.
  14. They then served us the ice cream!
    Black and light blue shirt
  15. They were very friendly and enthusiastic
  16. I hung around afterwards to chat (and I maybe forced them to hug me)
  17. And now the three of us are best friends and I own a third of the company
    (Don't ask me what I whispered into their ears)
  18. I love my school and getting the opportunity to do things like this far more often than I could have hoped
  19. 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦