5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

  1. Zap
    The angel of a dog we've been watching. She's a 10 year old deaf border collie who knows sign language. She's super chill until you take her outside, when she adopts her signature "walk faster, idiot" look
  2. An acquaintance
    This duck thing was so determined to get some of my ice cream. He had no understanding of human boundaries.
  3. Lanterns
    My brother Grant sending off lanterns at my grandfathers memorial earlier this year. It was really unexpected and special.
  4. Zac Brown Band
    They came for FSU's homecoming week and it was awesome. They're tied for my favorite band with Fleetwood Mac who I also saw about a year before this. And then we saw Amy Schumer the next night! This post is making me realize how cool my life is.
  5. My 21st birthday!
    With my best friends. I'm so lucky we ended up working together and falling in love with each other.