Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. A bridal shower that me and my mother were both invited to where an expert is going to help us be naughty! Jesus take the wheel.
  2. I was worried that maybe Emma Roberts was smarter than me (although she is a child actor and maybe did no receive a formal education?) I now feel as though I must read this book in order to compete with Emma.
  3. A real text received from my neighbour! You literally cannot make this shit up.
  4. I keep this reminder of a buzfeed quiz I completed that proves I'm as chill and fun as I always thought I was.
  5. I send this to myself when I'm sad.
  6. My drug dealer recently changed the amount he sells at a time and I was worried that I was being played.
  7. I keep this screenshoted email that my French professor actually sent me, in which she finds a way to brag that she is so physically fit that she survived a brain tumour, to remind myself that the woman who sent it is real and not just imagined.
  8. A snapchat I once received that truly shows how little people expect from me.