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  1. make gingerbread houses with my siblings
  2. road trip with my boyfriend
  3. eat home-cooked meals
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  1. Any one of the LOTR/Hobbit trilogies
  2. Any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies
  3. Any of the Harry Potters
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I'll probably regret making this list
  1. Austin
    Austin and liked each other from preschool until he moved schools in fourth grade. He got me Valentine's Day presents every year (including a heart ring from from a gumball machine and a plush-toy Snoopy + box of chocolates). We got married during recess in third grade.
  2. Dallas
    He was my crush in fourth grade....but then again, he was EVERYONE's crush. Turned out he liked me too, but didn't tell me until a few weeks before summer, and then I changed schools.
  3. Tyler
    Fifth grade crush. Again, the guy every girl liked, but he was a babe so at least it's justified.
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  1. Sleeping
    seriously, I can't get enough of it
  2. Sitting in a coffee shop
    16oz black coffee please...
  3. Doing other homework
    I'm not opposed to productivity, just chemistry lab
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and water doesn't count
  1. 1.
    always my #1 go-to drink. not only does it give you a burst of energy and keep you going, but it tastes so good. and there's a coffee shop around every corner and it's $2 a cup.
  2. 2.
    Hot Chocolate
    chocolate. if that's not enough to convince you, it's warm and creamy and absolutely delightful.
  3. 3.
    Iced Spiced Chai Tea Latte
    there's a coffee shop three minutes from my apartment that make the BEST spiced chai lattes. they're the perfect blend of spicy and creamy.
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  1. 1.
    make myself dinner
  2. 2.
    binge watch Gilmore Girls
  3. 3.
    study for my microbiology exam
  4. 4.
    get #3 confused with #2
this is my first Halloween all alone, but that's not gonna stop me from being festive
  1. get a PSL and pumpkin scone for breakfast
  2. make pumpkin cookies
  3. watch Halloween movies
    the Addams family, nightmare before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, etc.
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let's face it, no one was thriving during their Jr. High phase. and if you did, you're lying.
  1. I didn't know how to dress myself or do my hair
    for starters, I had bushes for eyebrows. waxing was a revelation. also I had (still do have actually) incredibly curly hair that I had no idea what to do with. do I brush it? do I straighten it? should I use product or just let it run free? HELP.
  2. braces
    luckily I got my braces off during 8th grade, but dear god every picture im in from 6th through half of 8th grade is scary as heck. I have a huge toothy smile, but rather than teeth, all you can see is metal and blue and purple rubber bands (my favorite colors during that era of life)
  3. cute boys + awkward me = humiliation
    to this day, I'm awkward. that's just me. but back then?? oh god I was so sketch. I had a crush on the same boy for about 5 years and I had no idea how to flirt... long story short, I freaked him out.
  4. my taste in music was just embarrassing
    Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, Jessey McCartney, basically any Disney channel movie that had a soundtrack (and who are we kidding, that's every single one)
just because I go to Starbucks A LOT does not mean I'm basic, and here's why
  1. they have good coffee
    seriously, they're coffee is just good. can you really blame a coffee-lover for going to a place with good coffee? no, I didn't think so.
  2. the environment is great
    they play good music, it has a very serene atmosphere, and that helps me get a lot of work done
  3. the wifi
    honestly, Starbucks has great wifi. I have the sickest wifi ever in my apartment, so I run across the street to Starbucks and mooch off of theirs
  1. Gold in the Summertime - Matt Nathanson
  2. Brand New - Ben Rector
  3. I Wasnt Expecting That - Jamie Lawson
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