I'll probably regret making this list
  1. Austin
    Austin and liked each other from preschool until he moved schools in fourth grade. He got me Valentine's Day presents every year (including a heart ring from from a gumball machine and a plush-toy Snoopy + box of chocolates). We got married during recess in third grade.
  2. Dallas
    He was my crush in fourth grade....but then again, he was EVERYONE's crush. Turned out he liked me too, but didn't tell me until a few weeks before summer, and then I changed schools.
  3. Tyler
    Fifth grade crush. Again, the guy every girl liked, but he was a babe so at least it's justified.
  4. Cody
    okay I liked this guy from 6-8 grade, my longest crush. trouble was, I was super weird and uncomfortable (whether I still am is debatable) and he totally knew that I liked him. pretty sure I scared him.
  5. Blake
    This is where my "childhood" crushes end. Blake was my first "boyfriend", which was quite scandalous considering I wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend. Needless to say, things didn't last very long. He was a babe though and really sweet.