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i started uni in September and i'm p sure i've become my worst nightmare
  1. "I can't stop singing my own melody to this Bob Dylan song we studied in English today"
  2. "My abs are gonna kill me tomorrow"
  3. "But like, the 1920s were just too long ago"
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after months of just knowing the lyrics to Alexander Hamilton and a general love of Lin-Manuel Miranda as a human being, i finally caved. last night i listened to the entire cast recording and was, unsurprisingly, captivated. here are just a couple thoughts and favourites 24 hours after, particularly relating to the end of the story.
  1. this is not just a hip hop musical.
    this is not just anything. not just a hip hop musical not just a historical tale not just a love story not just politics not just groundbreaking not just a phenomenon not just an experience. this is something indefinable, something new, and something very very unique.
  2. hamilton literally threw away his shot
    he threw it away after an entire life saying he would do no such thing. he shot into the sky, throwing away his chance and meaning burr was free to shoot him. there is a very sad kind of irony about it all.
  3. we're not made to love hamilton by the end
    we assume the guy the whole musical is based around is going to be the good guy. but he cheats on his wife and publicly tells everyone and he's rash and he ends up in a duel even though that's how his son died. he's meant to be the hero of our story but he's very very flawed, and he chooses to go to his death.
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welcome, november.
  1. the trees turn into something out of a painting, with so many tones and colours that exist only for a few days before fading and falling
  2. the chill in the air means it's okay to wear jeans and scarves and warm socks while you're walking down the street, to counteract the frost on the ground and your breath in front of your eyes every time you speak
  3. there's nothing quite like the crunch of crisp leaves beneath your feet step after step as more fall from trees above. you're walking on reds and browns and golds and greens, a carpet of colour.
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  1. Going for a run
  2. Baking some cookies
  3. Writing a novel
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  1. Hillary Clinton
    yeah she's already turned up this season but she could totally host the whole thing
  2. Amy Schumer
    because she just crushed it
  3. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
    together, yes.
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