welcome, november.
  1. the trees turn into something out of a painting, with so many tones and colours that exist only for a few days before fading and falling
  2. the chill in the air means it's okay to wear jeans and scarves and warm socks while you're walking down the street, to counteract the frost on the ground and your breath in front of your eyes every time you speak
  3. there's nothing quite like the crunch of crisp leaves beneath your feet step after step as more fall from trees above. you're walking on reds and browns and golds and greens, a carpet of colour.
  4. it's okay to get a Starbucks and to hold it in both your hands to warm your skin, to let it soak into your body until you're warmed simply by hot caffeine
  5. it rains sometimes and your feet get wet and your clothes soak through and you gain a newfound appreciation for your home and its warmth and its happiness, time after time
  6. fall is full of anticipation. of hectic holidays to come, of inevitable snowfall in later months, of even thicker clothes and thicker socks, of barren trees and frozen noses. i can't wait.