1. John Munch
    Omg I want him to parent me the way he parents Nick Amaro. Constantly spouting wisdom but in a way that isn't harsh or judgmental. I'd pretend to be embarrassed by him but deep down I would know he was the ultimate cool dad
  2. Fin Tutuola
    Another cool dad, but the kind that doesn't let you get away with being a little punk which is a quality I admire in a parent. He's so so supportive of his son and really wants his kids to be happy
  3. Olivia Benson
    Rockstar mom and the ultimate female role model, constantly surviving whatever life throws at her. She may be a little absent as a mother but I'd know that she was doing something bigger than us, and that would be enough.
  4. Don Cragen
    I get more of a sweet grandpa vibe from the former Capt. but man, he could parent the crap outta me. He is infinitely wise and understanding and generally under appreciated.
  5. Nick Amaro
    The daddy detective, but not really a good dad ya feel?
  6. Amanda Rollins
    She's really reckless and usually being hounded by scary gambling guys uhh no thx. She is really loyal and protective of her sister so maybe there's hope?
  7. Elliott Stabler
    I've only seen the five seasons on Netflix so I have no idea how Olivia's infamous partner would rank on this list but I felt like I couldn't leave him off completely? Sorry El for the low rank, I'm sure you'd be a fine parent