Inspired by @tawny. I couldn't choose just one. Sue me.
  1. Bob's Burgers: Hamburger Dinner Theater
    S1E5- I love Linda and this was the first episode to really showcase her personality and I was in LOVE. Also, I'm a sucker for a musical episode. Honorable mention: Topsy, S3E16.
  2. The Office: Dinner Party
    S4E9- I've seen every episode of the office multiple times and this is the one that makes me laugh at every joke every time. Michael folding his tv into the wall might be my favorite moment in the series. Honorable mention: Stress Relief pt. 1&2, S5E14&15
  3. 30 Rock: SeinfeldVision
    S2E1- I love this episode and Jerry Seinfeld. The fact that this ep was a promotion for The Bee Movie makes me like it even more. Honorable Mention: Gavin Volure, S3E4
  4. Parks & Recreation: Hunting Trip
    S2E10- boolah boolah boolah? Honorable Mention: Leslie and Ben, S5E14 (obvs)
  5. Grey's Anatomy: Song Beneath the Song
    S7E18- As previously mentioned, I am a sucker for a musical ep. One of my all time favorite episodes of a show, ever. Honorable Mention: Now or Never, S5E24 (Will I ever recover from George & Izzie meeting on the elevator?)
  6. Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia
    S2E1- The Woman. Enough said. Honorable Mention: The Sign of Three, S3E2
  7. New Girl: Pilot
    S1E1- This may be a surprising choice but this pilot is great!!!! Jess crying to Dirty Dancing is so relatable. Honorable mention: Parking Spot, S2E17
  8. Parenthood: May God Bless and Keep You Always
    S6E13- WOW whatta finale. Such a roller coaster of emotions. This episode have me everything I wanted: closure for every single character. Honorable Mention: My Brother's Wedding, S2E18