When it comes to watching tv, I have serious commitment issues.
  1. Gossip Girl
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    I've seen all but the last three episodes. Reason: I saw who gossip girl was in People magazine (to be fair, it had been YEARS since the finale) and was disappointed. I'm confused on how GG was GG and too upset to find out.
  2. Grey's Anatomy
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    I binged 8 & 1/2 seasons, stopped in the middle of an ep somewhere in season 9, and never watched again. Reason: too sad. I was ugly crying every episode and knew too much about the deaths to come (here's looking @ u, Derek)
  3. 30 Rock
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    I've seen all but the last episode and continually rewatch old episodes. Reason: I'm scared everyone won't end up where I want them to.
  4. Scandal
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    I binged 3 season in a week. Kerry Washington is a goddess, Tony Goldwyn is a DILF, and the show is continually interesting. Reason: I felt the layout of every episode was becoming a bit too familiar. With 40 secs left there would be a huge "whaaaa??!" moment and then the first half of the next ep would be explaining said moment.
  5. Parenthood
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    I binged the first 5 seasons of Parenthood and couldn't wait for season 6 to come on Netflix!!! Reason: Unknown. It's on Netflix now and I haven't been tempted to watch the final season once.
  6. Criminal Minds
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    I only watched because of my loyalty to Mandy Patinkin and though the show was thrilling, I'm one who hates to be thrilled. I watched until Gideon left in season 3. Reason: Once Mandy decided he had to leave the show because it was bad for his soul, I decided the same.