I've recently found myself claiming "I'm not a crier" but I cry very often?? I don't know when or why I began claiming this about myself but here's the evidence proving me a liar
  1. A dead puppy lying on the side of the highway
    It was so small and all I could think of was the "He's just a little puppy" bit on parks & rec as I cried for about 15 minutes
  2. My Intro to Reading class
    On two separate occasions, once IN CLASS. Ten page papers due every week for the past six weeks has really taken a toll on me lol help
  3. Grant approval
    I applied for a grant last semester and never heard another thing about it until a few days ago and it'll cover my rent for next semester. So much stress instantly relieved
  4. This dick tat
    Basically this chick from my high school wanted to get a small lighthouse tat in memory of her grandmother but ended up with this sad little dick. She then proceeded to get into an instagram comment fight with the artist. Idk I go into bouts of hysterically laughter every time I look at it and have been moved to tears several times over this whole ordeal.
  5. Seeing Logan in theaters
    I just really love the X-Men and Wolverine and Hugh Jackman so I was feeling a lot of feelings all throughout this film