I've been slowly making my way through the seasons on Netflix and at first I didn't expect to become invested at all. Currently at: S4E4
  1. Annoyance
    Specifically at Lori and her GD purple plaid, sometimes at Carl for being a horrible child, sometimes at Rick (no real reason for that one, I just wish he wasn't the leader)
  2. Extreme sadness (expressed through weeping)
    Ironically, during Lori's death and Rick's reaction. RIP. UPDATE: Andrea's death, woah she was so stupid but she really did just want the best for everyone and I loved her.
  3. Relating to Rick
    Generally don't agree with his decisions, but he sticks to his guns which I appreciate and his sassiness is unparalleled much like mine own, me thinks
  4. Love
    For Daryl. This feeling came early on before he had really even shown his compassionate side, keeps growing stronger
  5. Hopelessness
    May or may not be known to burst into tears when mobs of zombies appear because why is this happening??????
  6. An attraction to The Governor
    Yeah he's horrible and seriously sick and I'm super afraid of him butttt kinda sexy? Idk ❤️❤️❤️
  7. UPDATE: Being horrified I was ever attracted to The Governor
    HE'S SO SCARY omg I feel so much shame, I almost threw up when he bit off Merle's fingers 😖