Don't give me that look.
  1. Beer
    Any kind. It all tastes like rusty asshole.
  2. Wine
    Gross juice.
  3. Coffee
    I LOVE the smell. I used to brew it for my first job (I eventually got fired) and loved being in that room. I just can't stand the taste. I try every few times a year.
  4. Tea
    Hot gross juice.
  5. Chocolate milk
    It just makes you more thirsty. No thanks.
  6. Chocolate cake
    I hate being thirsty.
  7. Chocolate ice cream
  8. Almond milk
    To be fair, I haven't really tried it. But the idea of it throws me off.
  9. Avocados
    I'm reeeeeally trying to like it.
  10. Pineapple
    Just gross.
  11. Any kind of hot fruit pie
    Apple, blueberry, etc etc. All gross. No fruit should be hot.
  12. Hummus
    I occasionally like this. But it's not that great.
  13. Peppers
    Raw, at least. Weird taste.
  14. Cream cheese
  15. Flavored Seltzer & sparkling water