My Radio Presets

They're obviously arranged in numerical order. Because I live an organized life
  1. 1: 92.3
    Top 40. Comes in sometimes.
  2. 2: 95.5
    Providence. Comes in no matter where I am, and I'm convinced it would come in even if I were in South Korea. Alternative rock. Blink-182 and RHCP heavy. My personal favorite. On Sundays, this station is RnB and I don't hate that either
  3. 3: 98.3
    Another Top 40. Comes in unless I'm in my hometown, which is unfortunate. One of my best friends has her own show from 2-6 Monday-Friday which is awesome!
  4. 4: 104.5
    What my mom used to listen to. It's sentimental. Claims to be variety, but its basically Top 40.
  5. 5: 106.5 (maybe)
    Country station. I switch between this, 98.9, and 102.5. This preset is basically for whichever country station is coming in the clearest at the time and place
  6. 6: 96.1
    Top 40, first station I heard this year to play Christmas music (a big deal for me), and switches to Delilah at 7pm every weeknight. What a woman. So wise.... I trust her.