1. 30 Rock
    I'm almost done season 5. I don't think I ever want it to end.
  2. House of Cards
    So good.....so emotionally draining.
  3. Louie
    I always intend to start watching this regularly.
  4. Master of None
    See: Louie
  5. New Girl
    I'm basically caught up- this is another show I never want to end.
  6. Always Sunny
    I always have a good time watching it. The continuity doesn't really matter either, so I can jump around episodes without missing a chunk of the plot. Good stuff.
  7. Arrested Development
    I watched the first two eps and am still unsure if I like it.
  8. Scrubs
    Super funny, will probably return to it soon. And the eps are short!
  9. Freaks and Geeks
    Watched most of it last summer. Young James Franco and Jason Segel are top notch cuties.
  10. Friday Night Lights
    How could I forget?! I was OBSESSED with this show freshman year of college. I think I only made it to the fourth season. I really need to start this again. So good!!!
  11. Heroes
    Again, I was obsessed with this years ago. First season: amazing. Second season: pretty good. Third: eh. That's as far as I got.
  12. Pokemon: Indigo League
    Shut up, okay?