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  1. my birthday on aug 13
  2. anything else
*violently waits for Leo season to begin*
  1. i cried at target because I couldn't find the hand soap
    i had been confused all day
  2. i dropped my favorite mason jar outside my apartment and cried
    i missed my roommate
  3. i was thinking too hard about my brother leaving for college and I cried on my way home today
    time is getting away from me
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  1. going grocery shopping for the week
  2. doing the electric slide at my wedding
  3. teaching
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i read too much into small things but hey
  1. "I missed you"
    my co worker this afternoon. We usually work together every Wednesday morning and I had to switch my schedule today. I love working w him on Wednesday morning and I'm glad he likes working w me too
  2. "you're going to such a good mom"
    anasha before she read her cover letter to me
  3. "noise above our heads" - James Blake
    who really knows what James Blake is saying but it brought me to tears
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this is dramatic
  1. 5 years
    You think you're denying me of something Well I've got plenty You're the one who's missing out But you won't notice 'Til after five years If you'll live that long You'll wake up All loveless (this song made me realize how rad I am after this gross sack of garbage cheated on mi)
  2. Human Behavior
    If you ever get close to a human and human behavior Be ready, be ready to get confused and be in my head after There's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic to human behavior But yet so, yet so irresistible and me and my fear can And there is no map uncertain (people drive me wild and I'm obsessed w love and confusion)
  3. Unison
    I thrive best hermit style With a beard and a pipe And a parrot on each side But now I can't do this without you (I pretend to be a loner but I'm obsessed w love and confusion)
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